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Show don’t tell - A winning concept in employee welfare by Maria Bing Klang, Silverspin

Blogginlägg   •   Feb 06, 2019 15:55 CET

I have been around the block, career-wise. I have stood behind the register at McDonalds. I have cleaned vomit off airplane floors. I have sold mobile subscriptions over the phone and I have done market research out on the streets of Stockholm. I have worked with customer service, marketing, publishing, e-commerce, you name it.

This never-ending CV of mine proves not only that I have had many jobs. It also proves that I have been in a lot of recruitment processes. Some ended with an employment and some didn’t.

These days I’m on the other side of the process. I recently started working as a recruitment coordinator at Silverspin. My job is employer branding and finding candidates for our available positions. Being a part of an HR-department is new to me. Starting a new job, however, is not. And I can say one thing for sure:

There is something about Silverspin.

Here are some examples of little things that made all the difference for me.

  • They took a look at my CV, which I sent spontaneously, and managed to detect the qualities necessary for this position even though I didn’t really have the right experience.
  • In the middle of the recruitment process my mom passed away and I had to postpone a meeting. A couple of days later I got a flower delivery with condolences.
  • If they said they were going to call or email me at a certain time – they did. Without exceptions.
  • When I started, I had a sitting with the “IT-guy”, who was actually really nice and helpful. He had set everything up, gave me the alarm codes and educated me in all the basics. This has never happened to me before. There is always that IT-related confusion in the beginning. There is (almost) always that self-important IT-department that you don’t really want to disturb. Not at Silverspin though. Quite the opposite.
  • There is breakfast. Every morning. There is even an egg app where you can order your eggs hard boiled or soft boiled and they’re ready for you at 9:30 sharp. At breakfast (and lunch) everybody sits together, everybody talks to everybody about everything from work to everything but work. Anyone is welcome to join.
  • There are cool things happening. Family days, lavish Christmas parties, massage, “bubbles and joy” (where we celebrate new employees and birthdays) once a month just to mention some.
  • People are friendly, welcoming and helpful. This might sound like a given, but trust me - it’s not. It feels like Silverspin managed to recruit all the nicest people.
  • When you ask around, there seems to be one thing that unite all employees. “The family feeling”. I don’t know how they do it but this company has managed to grow from 20 till 80 in about year without losing the family feeling. This is like a second home. Not many companies succeed in creating that feeling at all.

Most companies have values. They do workshops where they spend hours and hours discussing what they stand for and what they should do to implement this in their day to day worklife. Then they go back to work and forget all about it. (Trust me, I’ve been to a few of these…)

This is where Silverspin stands out from the crowd. This is one thing that I have noticed since I started working here: Silverspin don’t talk a lot about all the great stuff they do for their employees. They just do them. Because they care. They genuinely care.

That’s pretty damn unique. And I’m extremely glad that I get to be a part of it.

Maria Bing Klang

Recently hired Recruitment Coordinator at Silverspin

Silverspin is a Swedish tech company, based in Skövde. We are dev

eloping innovative and competitive web technology for the iGaming industry.

Our spirit is driven by a team of awesome and talented individuals, each having their own superpower. We firmly believe that going to work should be a positive experience and we do our very best to make sure that our employees are happy.

Silverspin is a part of Jackpotjoygroup.

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